We do like to cover other topics on here apart from, rescue news and we do want you to go and explore our great country. We just want you to do it safely.

On Sunday, four rescue teams combined to help find two walkers lost in the Peak District.

The walkers were attempting to climb the Peak Districts highest hill – KInder Scout. As some who has climbed this many times, it’s a nice little hill to climb, learning to fell run around the area but I have also been on the top when its been waist deep in snow.

The couple called 999 on Sunday when the night began to fall and they became ‘navigationally challenged’.

The Edale Mountain Rescue Team was alerted at 5:50 pm.

A team spokesperson said: “Questioning from the duty controller was inconclusive and an attempt to locate their mobile phone was also unsuccessful.

“Unfortunately the clag was down meaning helicopter support was going to be limited at very best and so we, therefore, had to do it the old-fashioned way and the Kinder Plan was triggered.

“This is where the four teams that surround the plateau deploy on a pre-arranged search pattern, the objective of which is to cover all the key areas of the hill with the maximum personnel in the quickest possible way.

“This well tried and tested plan quickly located the couple via flashes from their lights below the western edge path in the area of Broad Clough.

“The pair were walked down and reunited with their transport allowing all the team members to return home at a relatively civilised hour in the evening.”

So if you are going out this winter and while the weather is still nice, please remember the sun does set quite early at this time of the year and the weather can change quickly.

Also, don’t leave essential equipment at home to lighten your bag, it seems obvious but a that’s was a warning from a Mountain rescue team recently.

Map and Compass are essential skills, you can’t rely upon Sat Navigation devices or phones when outside and it triggers the age-old debate about whether these skills should be taught in schools.

I personally learnt in the cubs and Scouts all them years ago, but joining the scouting movement isn’t for everyone and others don’t find their love for walking till they are an adult, but learning to read a map is essential if you are heading out to the hills.

I am open and honest – I use a Sat Nav device for walking, it’s pretty cool, tracks my route etc, but I would never really go out hiking without a map and compass – even in an area I am pretty comfortable with like Kinder Scout.


Hi I am Luke, a guy who loves to camp and explore what the UK has to offer. I am from Yorkshire and some might ask why I would ever need to leave this wonderful county, we have everything you cover ever need.While this is true, the UK is full of some amazing places and I wanna see as much as possible over the coming years.

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