Over the Easter weekend, instead of the traditional weekend for campers whereby everyone goes off to either their favourite site or explores something new, this year was, unsurprisingly, slightly different.

 Due to the government’s restrictions surrounding essential travel, going away camping wasn’t an option – and for very good reason too.

 That is why Camping Sites in Britain launched the #BigCampOut.

 Instead of paying the traditional fees for pitches, the aim was to raise as much money as possible, to help with our NHS Heroes’ mental health.

This is a very testing time for our wonderful NHS.  The staff that make up the service are having their mental health stretched right now, and the effects of this could continue well into the future.

Many NHS workers are having to make really difficult decisions every day, and they’re learning to do things which they wouldn’t normally be expected to do. They’re doing all of this without question – and we are, as I’m sure you are too – exceptionally grateful for this.

 If you would still like to donate you can here.

The Big Camp Out

It was just a case of grabbing your tent and heading to the back garden.

I, personally, camped out all three nights. On the Friday night, my eldest who is 7 and my youngest who is 2 joined me. On the Saturday night, it was all three of my kids and then on the Sunday, was just me and the oldest. That was a good thing really, as the weather changed and the tent was battered by winds till about 3am (Somehow, unbelievably, he managed to sleep through it all!).

Here’s how some of you fared!

Just love camping and being outdoors. Any excuse to get the old tent out again

Jayne Tolliday

It was a practice run for us and we were not going to be stopped by the weather or the invisible enemy!!

Jeff Blowers

We should have been at a festival so we joined in with the virtual festival and had a blast!!!

Manda Jackson
Manda Jackson big camp out

Was supposed to go away for daughters birthday on the 4/4 so camping in the garden instead 💕 hopefully everyone is staying safe

Jan Watson
Jan Watson Big Camp out

We were due to go away to Swanage and I was determined my girls would not miss out, it’s been amazing and actually feels like a real holiday ❤️ Xx

Lara Melita Joanne Clark

From York back garden

Cristina Carol Holroyd-taylor
Cristina Carol Holroyd-taylor big camp out

I decided to join the camping community in showing our appreciation for the NHS whilst doing something I enjoy.

Nina Hogan
Nina Hogan big camp out

We brought our tent a couple of months ago, first time campers and were really hoping to try it out this weekend. So we did anyway. Brilliant couple of days and wait to get it out again for proper.

Andy Thomas

I usually go camping to go hot air ballooning and when I go ballooning my stress levels go to zero and I feel incredibly relaxed and refreshed after a good flight. Camping is also my way of dealing with stress and anxiety. As there’s no sign of being allowed to fly right now the garden is the only sanctuary I have 😓

Rob Ellerington Parr

The Quiz:

Ok I’ll admit, there were a few little mistakes.

Some of the questions were posted with the answer, but overall, it went well.

Let us know how you got in the comments below. We didn’t mean to cause any arguments, but overall feedback was good. I think Long Hazel Park certainly enjoyed it.

We got 12/50... had we not argued about the answers we probably would have got 20/50 😂 Thanks for the quiz, we really enjoyed it and have learnt a lot!— Long Hazel Park (@longhazelpark) https://twitter.com/longhazelpark/status/1249304354798145536?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">April 12, 2020

The donations page is still live, and with it looking more likely we won’t be out of lockdown for a while, the page will stay open till 1st September.

If you can, dig deep for our NHS heroes – all we’re doing is staying at home, while they risk their health for us, both physically and mentally.

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