If you are heading to Snowdonia over the coming months, then mountain rescues are warning hikers and climbers of a potentially hazardous boulder.

A large stone block on the slopes of Tryan was spotted by mountain rescuers during a recent incident on the east face of the mountain.

Member of the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation was called out on Saturday to help with two hikers who were stuck near the bottom of North Gully. The pair had been aiming for the safer route into Little Gully but missed the path and had to be brought to safety by rescue team members

It was during this time that the team members noticed a large boulder just below the junction of the two gullies, which they estimated to weigh about four tons.

Ogwen Valley Snowdonia National park North Wales UK

The large stone block is perched on rocks and solid above Heather Terrace and North Gully. It is thought a heavy rain storm may have eroded some of the soil.

Both the National Trust, which owns the mountain and the Snowdonia National Park Authority have been altered by the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation.

North Gully and Little Gully combine into a scramble route that can be used to ascent and descent the East Face of the mountain and emerges close to the summit of the North Ridge.

With bad weather forecast they are worried about the large rock sliding down the mountain any further and hurting someone. There is no immediate threat to life – it’s just a warning to be careful and observation if you are in the area.

The boulder and debris from an earlier fall in the Western Gully. Photo: Chris Lloyd/Ogwen Valley MRO
The boulder and debris from an earlier fall in the Western Gully. Photo: Chris Lloyd/Ogwen Valley MRO

It follows a similar sized boulder which earlier this year rolled down the opposite side of the mountain. That rock left marks on the footpath on the Western Gully during its 75m fall down the hill.

I don’t want to stop you heading to the area, in fact while I haven’t visited for a few years I have quite a few great memories from the area – its a lovely place to hike and explore.

I just want you to do it safely.


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