Camping is all about resetting from our busy routines and spending time connecting with nature but that is not to say that we can’t enjoy some of the innovative commodities specifically designed to make our lives easier when on the move.

We list some of our favourite gadgets that are perfect to accompany us on our camping trips.

It is great to take a break from common luxuries at home and practice gratitude for what we have, but that can be done simultaneously with some useful products and gadgets.

Many of the additions give us more time and essentially enable us to enjoy our surroundings for longer.

What are the latest gadgets available for us to take travelling with us?

Wind Up Torch

Wind Up Animal Torch- Go Outdoors

Handy Heroes Wind Up Animal Torch

It is likely it’s something that you have heard of, but these torches could really save you during the night.

It is always great to ensure you have spare batteries but you can eliminate the risk of running out of power with a wind-up torch.

It is a great sustainable option and we have pinpointed one for the kids.

This animal wind-up torch can be part of their camping kit, they will enjoy powering up their tools and will be safe and visible with their own light.

We also recommend that you get a wind-up light for yourself or the tent too.

Power Bank

EC Technology Power Bank

EC Technology Power Bank

It is not something that you want to be reliant on but our phones work as our emergency lifeline, research, music source and sometimes our torch.

You can now get multiple charges out of this power bank, it is better to go for something robust like this that has a reputation for lasting and also repeatedly charging your phone to full battery before having to charge the power bank itself.

What’s more, the bank itself can charge anything with a USB output, including a vape pen, iPod or outdoor camera.

It also has an impressive torch that could prove useful.

Sustainable Grill

Casusgrill – 100% Natural Grill

Casusgrill – 100% Natural Grill

Travel grills don’t get better than this- it is a 100% natural grill that you can take anywhere with you.

It is a sustainable cardboard one, as precarious as this invention sounds it is actually pretty genius! It has a bamboo foundation and can heat up within five minutes.

It will then keep your food warm for up to 60 minutes. This barbecue can be disposed of in a fire once you have finished.

Self Inflatable Mat

Deep Sleep XL Mat- Outwell

Deep Sleep XL Mat- Outwell

Something we repeatedly highlight is how important it is to buy something to elevate you from the ground.

Many last minute campers feel they can brave the ground conditions when sleeping but it isn’t the bumps on the floor that you should fear.

You want to stay insulated and protect yourself from the cold, the best way to do this is to elevate from the ground.

That is no problem at all with this self-inflating ground mat; once you unpack it from the bag it effortlessly inflates within seconds.

Solar Charger

Anker Powerport Solar- 21W

Anker Powerport Solar- 21W

When we venture outside of our comfort zone we soon realise how much we rely on electric power, it is always best to use a sustainable source such as solar.

With this charger you can seamlessly hook it to your bag or put it out in the day, it will then be able to charge up to devices simultaneously.

Use it to charge your iPhone, Samsung or iPad.

Fold Up Chair

Hi Gear Vegas Double Chair

Hi Gear Vegas Double Chair

Why not purchase two for the price of one?

This fold-up chair seats two, it is a Vegas double chair that can be easily folded up and transported.

It will then seat two people at the same time. It very spacious and comes at a great price.

It is durable, weighs only 6.6kg and can hold up to 200 kilograms.

Solar Light

SoLight Solarpuff Origami Lantern

SoLight Solarpuff Origami Lantern

Another solar hit, this time it comes in not only an innovative design but it is equally as elegant.

This Solarpuff feature is an origami lantern that can power itself.

It easily folds up when you pack it away and takes up little space, you can then unfold it and use it as both a practical and decorative inclusion in your tent.

It is also capable of lighting up an outdoor area during the night too.

Camelback Back Packs

Hydrogo- Hydration Backpack

Hydrogo- Hydration Backpack

Backpacks are a necessity and their key feature is to be able to easily pack away everything that we need.

Fortunately, this lightweight bag has plenty of space and compartments for different items.

Not only that, it also comes with a camelback to keep you hydrated.

You can take this bag on a hike and fill it up with two litres, rather than going in and out of your bag you can continue your work and effortless sip from the straw in easy reach.

Camping Stove

Ofolics Camping Stove 3500 watt

When you take into account the price, durability and overall function- this is probably the number one essential on this page.

Despite it being less innovative than many of the gadgets we have mentioned, you will see that simplicity is sometimes the key.

This camping stove is powerful and has been designed so that it can easily fit into your camping bag.

Add this cheap yet robust option to your experience- you will be able to brew up your tea, stew your lunch or keep yourself warm.

It is energy efficient, lightweight and portable.

Adding the Camping Essentials

Ensuring you have all the essentials and the much-needed basics is number one when camping but there is no reason that you can’t incorporate gadgets into your essentials.

As you can see, there are cooking facilities, powerbanks and bags that have multiple functions.

Make your entire experience an easier one and make sure you have everything you need from stoves to solar power lights.


Hi I am Luke, a guy who loves to camp and explore what the UK has to offer. I am from Yorkshire and some might ask why I would ever need to leave this wonderful county, we have everything you cover ever need.While this is true, the UK is full of some amazing places and I wanna see as much as possible over the coming years.

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