North Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team got a call yesterday afternoon for a male with a broken leg. Not that uncommon a call out for the team.

What was a surprise was that he broke his leg the night before while wild camping just east of Great Nodden.

He had managed to get himself back to his tent to keep warm, but the battery on his mobile phone had died so he couldn’t call for help.

Mid afternoon yesterday another walker was on the hills and heard his call for help.

They found the source of the calls and raised the alarmed.

North Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team worked alongside the paramedics to stretchered him back to the awaiting ambulance.

He did the right thing in getting back to his tent as he could stay out of the cold and wet weather but also had food to keep his strength up.

Where ever you are heading make sure you have the correct gear with you.

If you are heading out anytime soon, it might be worth finding out how to call Mountain Rescue, while you might never need to, its always best to have that knowledge.

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