Following on from the recent comments from Wasdale Mountain Rescue team about Scarfel Pike isn’t a playground for the inexperienced, now rescues from the Yorkshire Dales are warning walkers against leaving vital safety gear out of their rucksack to save weight.

Two lost Yorkshire Three Peaks challengers who failed to pack a map and compass (basic equipment in our opinion) had to be rescued from the mountains by the Cave Rescue Organisation.

They we’re out on Sunday and had to call 999 after getting lost in the dark for over two hours. The men aged 21 and 27 left the summit of Ingleborogh heading for Hrton in Ribblesdale but got lost.

According to the rescue team, they said police enquiries suggested the men were actually on the path leading to Clapham, between Gaping Gill and Trow Gill.

A spokesperson for the rescue team said “An online PhoneFind search by a CRO controller confirmed this.

“In order to save weight, they had left critical kit – compass, map, second light, second phone – at home, relying solely on a smartphone app.

“When the duty controller rang them, they had only 7 per cent battery and a single, fading headtorch. Otherwise, they were well equipped and at least they stayed put as instructed.

“A small team from CRO drove up to Trow Gill, walked up to where they could see the torch, then escorted the pair to a team Land Rover. They were driven down to CRO base and waited in the New Inn, for a friend to drive them back to Horton.”

If you are heading out onto the hills this winter (and we wouldn’t want you not too) just make sure you have the right equipment.

The basic equipment needed for a one day hike should include enough water, food, map, compass, head torch, spare clothing, waterproof clothing.

Please do go out and explore our hills this winter, just make sure you do it safely. The wonderful rescue teams have no problem coming to your aid if it’s genuine – its when the incidents can be avoidable that frustrates them.

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