I love the new walkie talkie feature on the Apple Watch and find it fun and exciting.

However this isn’t always practical as requires both parties to have an Apple Watch and the latest versions, so we have found some practical cheaper alternatives.

There is something pretty exciting about picking up a WalkieTalkie and setting out for an adventure. Even the name- ‘Walkie Talkie’ remindsus of a time when we enjoyed them as toys but as adults they can be an integralpart of camping.

Two-way radios are great for camping or long hikes as you can stay in contact with somebody else from a long distance without the worry of your phone signal. Communication can be required during hikes and sometimesa necessity as an emergency precaution.

Motorola MR350R

  • 22 Channels with Privacy Code
  • Built-In Flashlight
  • PTT Power Boost

You may have wondered where Motorola had gone? Well- they are still going strong and are responsible for reliable technology. In this case, it is what we think is probably the best two-way radio for the price.

This innovative tool not only looks smart but it really is the part, they come in black and feature 22 channels. They can cover a radius of 35 miles and have some cool modern add-ons, each time somebody signals through to you your device will vibrate; alternatively you can set one of 20 ringtones.

It also has a very useful hands-free feature and a built-in flashlight for your late night walks or camping ventures.

Baofeng UV-8R

Baofeng UV-8R
  • 8 Watt Power
  • 128 Memory Channels
  • 30 Mile Range

This is an upgrade from the previous Baofeng, only this time they have put in some fantastic upgrades that include a durable casing, a clear connection and double the wattage. The design itself makes it a lot easier to use too.

This radio actually looks like a mobile phone throwback andthat is what appeals to us as it is simple to use with its user interface butwith that said, the actual settings can be somewhat tough if you have neverused a professional Walkie Talkie before.

The performance is well worth theinitial setup and getting used to the device. It operates on VHF, UHF and FMfrequencies, which means it is harder to use for the standard 22 channels butadvanced users will rejoice as it means advanced options, more control and morepower!

It comes complete with a 7” antenna and a charging station. This product is known for being one of the best at the price, you get a lot of technology for your money on this one. If you are serious about hiking and using safe communication then you will want to pick up one of these and learn how to utilise Walkie Talkies to your advantage.

Use the memory channels, the advanced frequencies and lightweight of these items when taking off for your next excursion.

Ansoko 6 Pack

  • 6 Pack of Walkie Talkies
  • Easy to Use
  • 16 Channels

This isn’t the most expensive choice with irrelevant mod cons but it is a popular one as it comes as a six-pack. This six-pack comes in particularly useful for a long hike, you can give the whole team one. This will amplify the amount of fun that you were already going to have, you can now own a Walkie Talkie each and communicate from long distance.

The maximum distance is 1.2 miles although it can go down to a minimum of 0.6 depending on the area conditions. Although there is only 12 channels, they are very clear and these Walkie Talkies are easy to use. You can pass them out to each person and not have to worry about adding long-winded instructions.

Cobra CXT1045-R

  • 37 Mile Range
  • 2662 Channels
  • Rewind Feature

These are more than cool to look at but they are also perfect to use, these ‘camo’ radios have some very special features.

They have probably one of the longest reaches with the signal going as far as 37 miles and also have a NAOO receiver to notify you of any storms or emergencies. This radio has been designed with complete innovation and caters for numerous situations, if you drop it in water then you quickly retrieve it thanks to its splash proof and floating design.

In addition to the practical feature that we have mentioned, it has 2662 combined channels and also has a unique Rewind feature, that records 20 seconds of a call and allows you to playback a message once to ensure that you did not miss anything.

It has a clear connection free from interference and is one of our two favourite choices. It has plenty of buttons and is easy to use.

These are the best Walkie Talkies available on the market right now. 


Hi I am Luke, a guy who loves to camp and explore what the UK has to offer. I am from Yorkshire and some might ask why I would ever need to leave this wonderful county, we have everything you cover ever need.While this is true, the UK is full of some amazing places and I wanna see as much as possible over the coming years.


  1. Mark Bowell Reply

    Luke. Have you forgotten that most of these radios need a licence to operate and some such as the MR350R would be illegal to operate in the UK.

  2. You need to be aware of the law surrounding some of the ‘walkie talkies’ that you are recommending. The UV8R for example can only be legally used in the UK by licenced Radio Amateurs and then only on Amateur Frequencies. It is illegal to use them on 446 frequencies. I suggest that anyone looking to purchase should check whether the ones you are buying are compliant with the class of licence you hold (or dont!). You may otherwise be subject to prosecution by Ofcom.

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