Whether you enjoy roughing it or not, comfort is always going to be key when you bed down for the night while on a camping trip or expedition!  While it may be a good idea to take along your own pillows, bedding and/or sleeping bags when you first set off, there is of course the matter of there being enough space for you to take such items – and what’s more, packing up again at the end of a trip can be tricky if you have lots of unwieldy bedding to sort out!  With these things kept in mind, it’s more than a good idea to start thinking about some compact and easily transportable options for your sleeping arrangements.  Thankfully, more than plenty of stores online and on the high street will have you covered!  Here’s our pick of the best pillows available now.

The Hi Gear Luxury Camping Pillow

While it may not look to be the height of luxury if you were expecting something a little more grandiose, this easily-stored and transportable pillow is very reasonably priced and offers incredible softness and comfort in all weathers.  Perfect in accompaniment alongside sleeping bags and otherwise, this pillow generally retails at around £9, but you can expect to get it a little cheaper if you’re a member with camping outlets such as Go Outdoors.  What’s more, Hi Gear is a trusted purveyor of all manner of camping creature comforts – which means you know your head is in good hands!

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The Trekology Ultralight Inflating Travel Pillow

While the brand may sound a little sci-fi, the product here is marvellous.  Inflatable pillows are amongst the very best comforts you can purchase for sleeping on the go purely for their ease of transportation and for their divine lack of fuss.  Boasting brilliant reviews on Amazon, this immensely light and durable pillow offers fantastic lumbar support and is available currently at cut rate – it’s well worth the recommended £19.99 retail price, but you’ll likely be able to get a cut of up to 50% on this model during off-season.  Well worth looking out for!

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The Outwell Memory Pillow

For those of us who like that little bit extra in support and comfort for our sleeping arrangements while camping, the Outwell Memory Pillow should be at the very top of your shopping list.  Winfields and Amazon currently offer this intuitive and super-comfy pillow that’s light to carry and easy to pack.  Available in a neutral colour and boasting memory technology to mould to your own standards of relaxation, you can expect to pay up to £21.99 RRP – but Winfields are likely to cut this down by around 25% for you.  Shop around!

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The OEX Traverse Self-Inflating Pillow

It may not look as snazzy as some of the other pillows on the market, but OEX’s travel cushion is one which boasts incredible ease of use and light weight for packing.  The Traverse is affordable and is self-inflating – which means it packs down to a flat, minute size, taking the need away for you to stuff bulky pillows and cushions in with your camping gear from trip to trip.  Expect to pay up to £15 RRP for this model, which we think is well worth the price of admission – but Go Outdoors card holders can expect to see a cut by another £5 during off-season.  Once again, do shop around – it’s well worth keeping an eye out for.

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The Vango Self-Inflating Pillow

OEX aren’t the only brand bringing self-inflating pillows to the masses, and Vango are one such name which are perhaps a little better known in the camping scene.  Vango’s take on self-inflation is just as nifty and perhaps a little more comfortable on the bank balance, too, with Amazon currently allowing you to take advantage of a choice of colours and foam insulated interiors for a snip at £6.99 – with Prime delivery included.  If you’ve not already got your camping pillows sorted for a trip that’s coming up soon, this may well be the best option for you to take.

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Last but not least, we turn to a budget option which still offers a grand deal of comfort at a snip of the cost you’d expect to pay otherwise.  The Pack-a-Pillow is no-frills, unassuming and does the job you expect it to – Millets are currently retailing the durable and easily-packable pillows for as little as £4.20 each, which means if impromptu trips are on the horizon, this might be a worthwhile ally.

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