Hot water is a necessity if you’re going to be camping for some time – whether out in the sticks or otherwise.  You’re going to need to have a number of things handy if you’re going to eat and drink comfortably while away – and while you can always buy rations en route, it makes perfect sense to carry as many home provisions as possible for the sake of ease.  With this in mind – it’s high time you found yourself an affordable and reliable camping kettle which will serve you, your friends and family well for all manner of camping trips and adventures across the seasons.  Here’s our pick of the very best, available at a number of wide retailers both online and via the high street.

Best Kettles

The Vango 2 Litre Camping Kettle

Vango are a brand synonymous with camping gear and accessories, and they’ve struck gold – or at least brewed a decent cup of tea – with their simple, affordable 2 litre kettle model.  One of the recommended models available from Millets and other retailers, expect to pay around £12 RRP for this traditional silver water heater, complete with heat-resistant handle and safety features such as a push and pull lever for opening up and closing.  The perfect accompaniment for any camping trip or festival weekender when you’re in need of a cuppa or for hot water in general.

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The Highlander Whistling Kettle

This smart, sleek, one litre kettle arrives with a nice, audible whistle to let you know when it’s time to brew up – and for many campers, it’s one of the optimum models available when it comes to light packing and portability.  While it arrives as a one litre standard, there are reviews which advise it seems to hold much more – appearances can be deceiving, and thankfully, on the positive side of things in this case.  It’s available for no more than £10 RRP generally, and you can expect to pick this up through Amazon Prime at short notice.

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The Blue Eurohike Whistle Kettle

Similar to the Highlander model above, this Eurohike model is just as portable if not more spacious – with around 1.2 litres of water capacity for your money.  What’s more, it’s taken a price cut in certain sales recently, meaning that at stores such as Millets right now you can buy this spacious, sleek and reliable kettle for around £8 – that’s around a third taken off of its original selling price.  Perfect to pack up and go at short notice, you’ll hardly notice carrying this neat, compact and snazzily coloured beast around with you!

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The Hi Gear Collapsible Kettle

For immense space saving and ingenious design, you really don’t have to look much further than Hi Gear’s amazing collapsible kettle model.  Available in yellow and blue and offering exactly what its name suggests – a collapsible unit which flattens down for easy storage and transportation – you can also get 1.5 litres of hot water from each boil.  A perfect companion for spontaneous weekends away and your ally when you need hot water at the last minute, you’ll generally expect to pay £20 RRP maximum for the privilege – but stores such as Go Outdoors are shaving the cost of the unit down to around £14.99 providing you’re a member.  Therefore, if you own a discount card for any camping specialists – look out for the collapsible brewer!

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The OEX Brewsta

Yes – that really is its name – but snazzy branding aside, the OEX Brewsta is one of the more pleasing and compact models of kettle on the market right now, owing to its funky, contemporary design and its handy carry handle.  Easily stored away and with handles coated in silicone for safe usage, this camping kettle offers no hassle whatsoever for those campers looking for a quick boil from a simple, unassuming – if slightly daft-named – kettle unit.  Expect to pay £15 for it at RRP, but it’s available at discount in some stores.  There’s a sister model called the ‘Frysta’, too – no prizes for guessing what that does!

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Sea to Summit X-Pot Kettle (1.3 Litre)

The Sea to Summit X-Pot Kettle

Finally – let’s look at one of the more expensive, if more critically lauded camping kettles around.  Sea to Summit’s bright yellow space-saver is, like Hi Gear’s model above, completely collapsible – but with enhanced silicone walls and the ability for you to store other Sea to Summit cups and mugs inside – this is a practical tour de force which may be worth every penny.  Store up to 1.3 litres or expand with the further range.

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