Roughing it, or so to speak, requires you to have all mod cons on the go from the comfort of your tent – and one of the most essential pieces of kit you’ll need for any camping trip is a powerful, portable cooker.  Here’s our rundown of the best camping cookers 2018 has to offer.

Best Light Weight Cookers

Portability is key– meaning that you’re going to need to look for a cooking stove that’s easy to pick up and carry.

The Campingaz Twister Plus

This cheap and compact stove from one of the most trusted brands on the market for camping cooking comes with everything you need.

  • Good Points: It’s extremely affordable at £21.99 RRP and it’ll likely last you a long time – plus it’s amazingly portable and easy to set up, too.
  • Bad Points: It’s not huge – and compared to some other models, you may find it a little awkward. Good for individuals and couples.

The Campingaz Bistro 2

A more traditional light weight stove from Campingaz – this is your traditional camping hob that’s built to last.  It’s a massive space-saver.

  • Good Points: It’s very affordable at £30 RRP (though likely on a cut rate online), and it’s extremely compact – and it does the job perfectly. A great choice for extended trips, too.
  • Bad Points: You’ll need to keep topped up on those gas cartridges – and again, for bigger groups, you’re going to need a bigger or more powerful option.

Best Family Cookers

For a larger group or a family trip, you’ll need a more extensive or powerful stove to heat things up.  Here’s our pick of two from the best!

The Campingaz Camping Chef Folding Compact

This great-looking, compact model does everything you want and need a portable family stove to do – twin hobs and grill come fitted as standard, and it’s built into a snazzy carry case!

  • Good Points: That carry case! Surprisingly light weight and ready to go, you can just unclip the case and start cooking.
  • Bad Points: At £80 RRP, it’s not exactly the most affordable camping buddy on the market – but you absolutely get what you pay for.

The Gas Double Burner

This double twist on the classic hob does everything you need it to – it’s likely to be the first choice for anyone aiming to extend their existing unit.

  • Good Points: Very affordable at £24.98 RRP from Amazon, and it does exactly what it says on the box – no frills, no hassle.
  • Bad Points: It’s a bit unwieldy – not the easiest hob to transport around and store, but it certainly does the business. Cheap and cheerful.

Best Wild Camping Stoves

If you’re really roughing it, you’re not going to want to have to muddle around – you’re going to need a simple utility that’s easy to pop out and use whenever you need it.

The Vango Folding Gas Stove

Complete with a snazzy case, this is a folding gas unit which can plug into a variety of gas bottles and supplies.

  • Good Points: Very affordable – it retails usually at £30 and it’s even an award winner. Remarkably efficient, too – no hassle here.
  • Bad Points: As with all wild stoves, you’re likely going to struggle if you’re feeding a large group.

The MSR Whisperlite International

Fancy name, fancy stove.  This model allows you to cook wherever you are in the world providing you have access to fuel – even unleaded petrol.

  • Good Points: International portability and almost universal use – again, providing you have the fuel, you’re well away.
  • Bad Points: It’s fairly expensive, at least compared to the Vango model above. Expect to pay £105 RRP for this at the absolute most.

Best Trangias

The Scandinavian Trangia cooking stove has really caught on in recent years – it’s small, neat, and very compact – and it uses alcohol to get things heated up.

The 27-8 Hardanodized Stove with Kettle

Need access to a kettle as well as a stove?  Lucky for you, everything’s right here in one unit – pop it out and you’re good to go!

  • Good Points: Comes with a kettle and pans to allow for quick, easy cooking wherever you may be.
  • Bad Points: Not ideal for larger groups – and at around £100 RRP, it’s not the cheapest option on the market!

The Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System

This great-looking compact cooking solution is ideal for a handful of trekkers or campers – just plug in and brew drinks, cook freeze-dried food and more.

  • Good Points: It looks great and is super easy to set up and use on the go. Brilliant for a quick brew!
  • Bad Points: It is another model that’s a little pricey – £110 RRP – but it’ll see you right for several trips!

Best Camping Fire Pits

For big groups, you really can’t beat a good fire pit – grilling on a larger scale is always possible, and with these units, you’ll be able to get cooking for several campers at once in no time at all.

The Outwell Cazal Fire Pit

This large model of fire pit is a real stonker when it comes to cooking lots on the go at once – and what’s more, it’s surprisingly portable as it folds right down!

  • Good Points: Portable, durable, and large enough to cater to big groups looking for good old camping barbecue food.
  • Bad Points: Not many that are obvious! It retails at £84.99, but you really get what you pay for.

The Outwell Cazal Portable Grill

This is a different type of grill from Outwell – while avoiding the traditional circular pan style, this rectangular unit is perfect, again, for large groups – and as its name suggests, it’s also pretty portable.

  • Good Points: Amazingly portable – it flattens right down and even has a handle – and it’s expansive enough to cook for several at once. It’s also amazingly cheap at £35 RRP.
  • Bad Points: Again – hardly any! It’s perhaps not as stylish or as capable as the fire pit listed above – but it really works its little grill off.
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