Mountain rescue was called yesterday to aid two climbers who had got lost in poor weather on the Cairngorm Plateau.

The man and woman who are Edinburgh based and in their 20s got lost after attempting a winter climb and the conditions changed.

The conditions were described as “ferocious”.

In total 22 members of the Mountain Rescue team, were called out to aid the climbers.

The team tweeted saying: “No aircraft available due to weather conditions, which are worsening. Expect evacuation to be protracted.”

Meaning that it required manpower on the ground to locate the pair.

The lost climbers were located at 21:20, having made the emergency call at 17:45 and CMRT posted that preparations were underway for evacuation.

Around 2 hours later CMRT confirmed that the casualties were in their vehicle and described the night as tough.

Cairngorm MRT said the pair had planned to climb Lochnagar in the Aberdeenshire side of the Cairngorms, but changed their plans and set out for a climb from the CairnGorm Mountain snowsports centre, near Aviemore, instead.

The CMRT confirmed the pair had got soaked during the climb.

The pair had left their emergency gear at the base of the Crags that they had climbed and had been unable to locate their kit.

Due to the recent snowfall, there was a “significant” avalanche risk the team said. The climbers found themselves in winds of 80mph at 1,219m (4,000ft).

Another Mountain Rescue team recently said that you shouldn’t ditch vital gear to save weight, while this pair had the right gear they had unfortunately left it and couldn’t find it again.

There is some essential kit like Winter Jackets and Boots which are essential when out walking especially in the highland of Scotland.