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The Camping Fire – a online camping store. The site originally started as a camping blog, covering everything camping related, however in 2019, we decided to expand from just being a blog to selling the camping products.

Great Products

While we have started selling products, our standards haven’t dropped. If anything they have tightened up.

If we don’t use the products, we won’t stock it – it’s thats simple.

The Camping Fire is made up of a team of knowledgeable writers and product reviewers based here in Yorkshire. We joined together to create The Camping Fire with the aim of providing online shoppers with clear, unbiased guides to buying camping and outdoor products

Our site is updated regularly by our expert staff and from contributors just like you – real people who have really tested each item thoroughly.

We hand-select and test only the best products to ensure that we don’t waste your valuable time.

If you love to go camping quite a bit and like to try new equipment and sites and want to pass on your knowledge please get in touch.

If you have a site/product you would like us to review, please do get in touch.

The Team

Luke Roberts

My name is Luke Roberts, I am a keen hiker and camper from Yorkshire. While I have been running this site for a few years I do have a few other people which help me by writing articles.  None of us the team are paid – we do it for the fun. While I have camped in many countries around the world, I mainly only camp in the UK now.

While I mainly focus on running the business as well as camping, the team are the true hero’s that make sure all our customers are happy.


The Great Team

We are a very small team and while we all have very specific skill sets we do tend to do a wide variety of jobs and roles.

Some of us work from the office, other remotely, but we are one great team that enjoy what we do.


Social Media and Email Manager


Shipping and Distribution


Finance Manager






Customer Service

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